Swedish Massage

When you think of relaxation, what comes to your mind first? Massage, of course! It is one kind of bodywork that relaxes your muscles and releases tension. Close your eyes and think of massage, and you will instantly start to experience a soothing feeling that often comes with relaxation therapies, such as Swedish massage.  The comforting feeling of your nerves relaxing, tensions slipping away, and blood rushing all through your body is associated with Swedish massage as our highly trained therapists at Ocean Sands work on your back, arms, legs, and shoulders.

From mild to moderate and deeper strokes, this kind of specialized massage therapy gives you healing touches on different parts of the body for maximal pain relief and relaxation. The therapy focuses on tissues and muscles to release tension while targeting pain, stress, and stiffness.

A session at Ocean Sands will make your overall experience blissful and your body & mind thankful.

From light shaking to kneading, gliding, friction, and tapping, the different strokes used in Swedish massage are designed to:

  • Ease back pain, muscular tension
  • Improve alertness of mind
  • Reduce headaches
  • Create an overall sense of relaxation through improved blood & oxygen supply throughout the body
  • Boost immune functioning